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Code Of Conduct

Events & Catering Services

In addition to our Code of Ethics and Behaviours (the “Code”) the following is a reminder of the true values, culture and conduct of all employees of Cavita Restaurant and Mayahuel Mezcaleria.  Full compliance is compulsory.

At Cavita) we’re proud of our reputation for doing the right thing and delivering on our promises.  We hold ourselves to high standards.

We foster a culture from Senior Management down that values ethical behaviour and respect for others, while maintaining the highest level of corporate integrity.

Good corporate governance underpins everything we do. All staff of the events Department commit to the “Code”. This articulates the principles and values that are key to our success.

  • Being honest, behaving ethically and acting with integrity

  • Being respectful, fair and considerate in business dealings

  • Adhere to company policies and procedures at all times

  • Respect and fully comply with Client policies and procedures at all times

  • Always apply common sense

  • Seek ways of doing things better

  • Respect the privacy of all parties

  • Respect and comply with local laws and traditions

  • Do not misuse company assets

  • Protect the confidentiality of company information

  • Perform duties in accordance with workplace safety requirements

  • Act in ways that minimize environmental impact

  • Act in the best interests of the Company

  • Avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest


Health and Safety


A safe and healthy working environment is our highest priority across all our operations.


We seek to properly protect and engage all personnel in safe working practices and to take a responsible approach to working conditions and the environment. Our goal is always ZERO HARM.

Safety ultimately reduces downtime and delivers consistency for our business, which is good for our people and good for our Clients.

In addition to formal induction training, regular specialist training is conducted, safety tours and inspections carried out and proper use of PPE is mandatory at all operational sites. Annual targets are set for and audited on a regular basis.


We are currently developing a roadmap for sustainable development over the medium term as the Company grows. This will be developed during Q2 2023.

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