the house of Mexican spirits.

Mayahuel, a cutting-edge Mexican cocktail bar located in the basement of the restaurant. Mayahuel is a cocktail bar and mezcaleria, which will serve a wide range of high-quality mezcals, tequilas and other agave-based spirits from independent producers, as well as a range of exceptional original cocktails and a menu of exquisite bar snacks.

the secret bar

The bar is headed up by Manuel Lema, most recently bar manager at La Bodega Negra, who will be presiding over a drinks programme that includes agave flights, sipping mezcal and distinctive food and spirits pairings, where agave spirits are served alongside food including green olive, dark chocolate, grapefruit, tomato and grasshopper salt to emphasise their flavour profiles.

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the agave den.

According to ancient Aztec lore, Mayahuel was a goddess of unparalleled beauty. After eloping with the serpent god Quetzalcoatl, the pair disguised themselves as a plant to escape her disapproving grandmother, who found them anyway, and chopped the plant into tiny pieces in a rage. Joke was on her, though, because Mayahuel was reborn from one of these pieces as the first agave plant.