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Gourmet coffee and environmental sustainability

Gourmet coffee is generally made from 100% Arabica beans, giving the brewed coffee a full body, fine aroma, and rich flavour.

Typica, one of the world’s most iconic coffee varieties, has become quite a popular varietal and is considered by coffee lovers as one of the most high-quality and famous breeds.

It meets specific standards regarding yield, purity, and delicious taste, known for a clean, complex, sweet, and with a wide range of flavour fruit notes tastes.

As a sub-variety of the Arabica family of coffees, ideally needs to be grown at a high altitude and in the shade.

Nestling under the much larger tres, provides additional ecosystem services, such as extra food and soil protection, preventing large variations in soil temperature and moisture levels.

The fallen tree leaf litter improves the organic matter in the soil thereby increasing the useful micro-organism status in the soil.

In general, the denser the shade, the greater the environmental benefits.

This practice known as “agroforestry” can benefit farmers and the environment:

o Provinding farmers with additional sources of income, in the form of fruit or wood.

o Reducing farmers’ production costs, as shade-grown coffee generally requires fewer chemical inputs.

o Promoting farmers’ productivity over the long term. As coffee trees grown under shade have a longer lifespan than those grown under very lightly shaded or full-sun conditions.

o Enriching the soil and strengthen root systems, preventing soil degradation and erosion.

o Capture and retaining rainfall, lowering temperatures for the heat-sensitive coffee trees.

o Removing carbon from the atmosphere with tree planting and forest restoration, helping with climate change mitigation.

o May serve as important habitat for wildlife, such as migratory birds. This is why shade-grown coffee is often also called “bird-friendly” coffee.

Fruto de la Niebla Gourmet coffee is a third-generation family business that trades shade-grown typica coffee from Oaxacan farmers.

You can now enjoy a good Fruto de la Niebla cup of coffee in Cavita and you can also shop for some coffe on our web to delight at home.

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