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We're fascinated by fire and smoke; this is where our soul is. Exploring different ways of cooking with Mexican heritage.

I feel a deep respect for all the people who preserved and the ones that continue to honour the techniques, ingredients, and traditions of Mexican cuisine.

With gratitude to them, we can now share this incredible food and hospitality with new cultures and people of different nations. It is a privilege to be part of this movement. 


... a journey through Mexican flavour, colours, and traditions.

Mexican food is my passion with all of its vibrant flavours, colours and textures. I love the history of food and take enormous pride in the traditional cuisine of my country being recognized by UNESCO, inscribed on the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

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My name is Adriana Cavita.

"Mexican food, with all the vibrant flavours, colours and textures is my life’s passion. As a Mexican chef I feel a responsibility to preserve and advance traditions, helping to educate people about my cuisine. I feel a deep respect for all the people who preserved the ancient methods and privileged to be able represent this in a new and reimagined way. I want to transmit the love I feel about Mexican hospitality and cuisine to people through our amazing restaurant, Cavita’.

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Esquire Uk, Nick Pope

"Fired up. At London's hottest new restaurant, a Mexican super chef offers the history of her nation on a plate"

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